Report: California Gas Tax Will Increase Costs For Working Families

A controversial California gas tax will increase cost of living for working families by over $1,000 according to a new report.

A California gas tax is on the ballot this November. Voters will have the opportunity to vote in favor of or against proposition 6. If passed, Proposition 6 would repeal Senate Bill 1, which the legislature passed in 2017. The bill raised taxes on gasoline 12 cents per gallon and increased vehicle registration fees between $25 and $175, depending on the automobile.

The bill was controversial when it passed and has garnered considerable backlash in the time since. Now according to a new report, the increase will lead to $1500 additional expenses for working class families.

The report says a two-car family will pay at least $1,500 annually in taxes if the gas tax remains law. A family of four could see annual tax increases of up to $800.

What amounts to a potential 4-digit increase in cost of living expenses is par for the course in a state where cost of living is already increasing. California is home to several high taxes as well as a housing market where home prices are skyrocketing.

“This report shows that the latest gas and car tax hikes are a crushing blow to working families and makes the strongest case for a Yes vote on Prop 6 to repeal the car and gas tax hikes,” San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio

The issue will ultimately fall to the voters this November. According to data from a recent LA Times poll, roughly 51% of voters support repealing the bill. With such a slim margin, time will tell.

Location Matters

Around the country, across the state, or even across town: location matters when it comes to cost of living. The California gas tax is just one such example of how expenses in one state don’t necessarily translate to another.

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