California Disasters Has Some Questioning The West Coast Dream

With mudslides, wildfires, and the ever-present threat of Earthquakes; California has its share of disasters. Recently, the onslaught of these California disasters has some questioning whether the west coast dream is actually worth it

The recent wildfires in California are just one of the many disasters that may strike if you live on the west coast. In fact, California is the 2nd most disaster prone state in the country. Only Texas surpasses California in number of declared disasters over the past 70 years.

With the recent California wildfires now contained, some are questioning their decision to live in the state. 

Dream or Disaster?

California is home to Los Angeles, Hollywood, the beautiful redwood forest, and many other sites and sounds. However, some citizens are less than impressed with the recent natural disasters as well as their rising cost of living.

 “So many people want to live in California, but it comes with these huge risks.” – Mark Drost, Montecito Resident

It’s true that California has one of the highest costs of living in the country. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that many lower-income citizens find it impossible to cope. California regularly loses low-income members of its population to Texas and other states. At the same time, wealthier residents move in.

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