California Car Tax Faces Backlash, Possible Repeal

After collecting 900,000 signatures, the California car tax increase may be on its way out. Only a year old, the measure faced immediate backlash from citizens when it was instituted last year.

A super-majority of Democrats and Governor Jerry Brown passed a measure which increased taxes to 12-cents on a gallon of gas, and up $175 for car registration. It was unpopular to begin with and therefore residents are fighting back against it.

The move collected over 900,000 signatures. This is double the number required by law to send the issue to voters in November. As a result, the measure should reach the voters in November.

Carl DeMaio of Reform California, led the signature drive, collecting roughly half of the 900,000 from San Diego County alone. DeMaio argues that increasing taxes without a vote of the people was shameful, pointing out that Governor Brown had promised no tax increases without a vote.

“Sacramento politicians should have followed the California constitution and Governor Brown should have kept his word,” DeMaio said.

Revenue from the tax was supposed to go towards roads. According to a report from the American Society of Civil Engineers, California roads are in poor condition. Roughly  half are in need of repair.

Therefore, the money should be helping to fix the roads, right?

Yet, Reform California has argued that the money is not actually going towards the roads. What’s more, this isn’t the first time this has happened. What’s more, California’s revenue projects to increase by $9 billion over last year. As a result, this leads some to question whether or not the tax is even necessary.

“That outpouring of voter disgust with the car and gas tax hikes should be a message that Sacramento politicians should hear, loud and clear. Don’t spend that money, cause that money ain’t yours,” DeMaio said.

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