Calling All Millennials: The Best City For Young People

What makes a city good for young people? Availability of jobs? Housing? There’s plenty of ways to measure, and plenty of surprises to find when looking for the best city for young people

It’s no secret that cost of living varies across the country. From state to state and city to city, the cost of housing, transportation, and more will change. Per a recent study, there are a lot of ways to measure how great a city is for young people.

The results of the survey, conducted by examined many satisfaction metrics of current renters. Weather, safety, and more were a factor. Here are their top 5 results.

#1 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ranked as the best city for young people according to Apartmentlist. Sound strange? It’s true, Pittsburgh isn’t seen as the most glamorous place on earth, but there are a few things to remember.

According to recent reports, the cost of renting in Pittsburgh is affordable, even decreasing in some neighborhoods.

It also isn’t the first time Pittsburgh has graced a “best city for young people” list.  Another study by ranked Pittsburgh as the best city for millennials. That list factored in cost of living, availability of jobs, housing, and more.

#2 Provo, Utah

Wait, Utah? Yes, Utah is the second best city for young people. Why? For one thing, the availability and quality of healthcare makes it one of the healthiest cities in America. While Provo itself is not listed, several surrounding areas are listed in 24/7 Wall Street’s list of the top 50 cities in America. 

#3 Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin is a great city for young people. It’s a bustling college-type town, plenty of affordable housing, low sales tax, and more. Of course, the winters are cold but hey, you’re young.

#4 San Antonio, Texas

Texas has no state income tax. Enough said? Maybe. It’s also a city where it’s actually cheaper to buy a home than rent. One of America’s largest cities, San Antonio has all the big city perks with a lower cost of living than Chicago, LA, New York, and many others.

#5 Columbus, Ohio

Why is Columbus on this list? Columbus is also one of America’s largest cities with a low cost of living. In fact, what’s great for young people is that Columbus is one of the few cities where you can realistically live on minimum wage. Not many other cities can claim that!

It All Comes Down To Cost of Living

At the end of the day, cost of living matters when trying to select the best city for young people. Housing, income, and other expenses make the difference between a livable city… and one that’s less than perfect!

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