The Best Cities for EdTech in the United States Are…

The results are in, and the best cities for EdTech in the United States are here. Some of the results may surprise you, while others are common techno-centric metropolises. Dd your city make the list? 

What Is EdTech?

Short for “Education Technology,” EdTech is a growing industry that incorporates the use of technology into an educational setting. This can be as blatant as online colleges and universities; or as subtle as being able to submit homework online.

However, it isn’t all about online schools or using email to hit up your college professor. EdTech companies seek to expand the digital age into the education field and innovate new and exciting ways to teach, learn, and share knowledge and information.

The top EdTech companies in the world are doing everything from creating digital whiteboards to pioneering distance education and all points in between.

The Best Cities for EdTech

You might expect California and Silicon Valley to dominate this list. Fear not, it’s absolutely represented. However, the rest of the list may surprise you.

Austin, Texas

Austin has a booming tech sector and EdTech is no exception. Texas is also home to several tech conferences such as the SXSW EDU Conference and Festival each year.


Seattle, Washington

It’s not surprising to see Seattle on this list. Home of Amazon as well as many EdTech startups, Seattle’s technology industry is as well-known as it is influential. However, Seattle has a high cost of living which may dissuade some job seekers.

It’s one of the best cities for EdTech in the country, but affordability is a problem. How does it compare to Austin? Let City vs City show you:

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has a low cost of living and a growing tech industry to match. Home to many EdTech startups as well as a Google office, Atlanta isn’t a bad bet if you’re looking for a job in EdTech.

Baltimore, Maryland

Low costs are attracting more EdTech startups to Baltimore. While it doesn’t have the reputation as Seattle or Austin; Baltimore is benefiting from a growing surge in EdTech investment in the city.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

It isn’t thought of as one of the leading cities for EdTech, however Chattanooga is home to several EdTech startups. It’s also the city with America’s fastest internet. Go figure! Best of all, it has a low cost of living.

Looking for EdTech Work?

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