The Austin Tech Salaries Are Something to Brag About

Tech workers rejoice. Leaving the high cost of California can result in big gains down in the lone star state. Austin is a growing tech-tropolis and many workers are fleeing silicon valley for Texas. What’s more, Austin tech salaries are some of the highest in the country.

Austin, Here We Come

It’s a forgone conclusion that if you work in tech, you can expect a nice salary. However, not all salaries are created equal. San Francisco pays the highest tech salaries in the world, but they are dead last when adjusted for cost of living. 

Austin tech salaries on the other hand, are something worth bragging about. Thanks to information compiled by Atlas, we know that Austin tech salaries are even higher than San Francisco, Seattle, and New York.

Austin tech salaries

Although the raw salary is lower than many of the places on this list, Austin tech salaries benefit from a few things. No state income tax, low home prices, and a lower overall cost of living help boost the Texas city into the number 1 spot for tech workers.

For example, the “real” average salary for a tech worker in Austin is $118,000 per year. That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at. However, at $132,000 in Seattle that’s a $14,000 difference.

Add in the cost of living adjustments and Austin tech salaries adjust to $202,000. Seattle jumps to $182,000. That’s a big $20,000 swing towards Austin.

Location Matters

No matter where you go in the country; from Austin to Seattle or Los Angeles to New York, location matters. Cost of living varies widely from state to state an even from city to city. What’s a bargain in New York can be a mansion in Austin. Location matters.

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