American Moving Trends: California Exodus Continues

Despite a brief respite, California is still experiencing an exodus of citizens.  One of the most prevalent American moving trends is individuals leaving high-tax states in search of a better cost of living.  California has not been immune.

The San Francisco Bay Area lost more than 600,000 net domestic migrants between 2000 and 2009. For the next five years, the migration cooled noticeably. However, according to the Orange County Register; it seems that the exodus is back on track. The net migration went from a high of 16,000 positive in 2013 to negative 12,000 just three years later in 2016.

The bay area alone is seeing a big surge in home prices. So much so, that in some cases home prices are 9 times more than median household incomes. In 2016, roughly 26,000 more people left the bay area than those that arrived.

High taxes and home prices are largely to blame. the effect is not limited to San Francisco either. California, in general is seeing a high number of people leaving in search of a home with lower living costs.

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