Allergies in Orlando Are Something to Sneeze At

There are many factors to consider when deciding where to live. Affordability, access to services, housing costs, and of course; whether or not you will be constantly sneezing while your eyes water. For those who suffer from seasonal and environmental allergies, there are a few cities that are the stuff of nightmares. Allergies in Orlando, Florida at the moment? Well, they’re the worst in the country.

You might tend to think that allergy sufferers would be worst off in a more rural setting. After all, Orlando is a big city. However, according to (yes, that exists), allergies in Orlando are really bad right now.  The culprit? Pollen.

Pollen levels are ranked on a scale of 0-12. Orlando has been consistently above 9 for the past month; even though spring is still a few weeks away. The weather is partially to blame. A lack of rain and wind as well as cool nights and warm days are ideal conditions for pollen. And less than ideal for allergy sufferers.

Pollen may not seem like a big deal to the unaffected. However, for those sensitive to it, it can be the worst. Splitting headaches, runny noses, watery eyes, and more. If you have allergies in Orlando right now, you aren’t a happy camper.

Time To Get Out of Orlando?

If you suffer from allergies, you’d probably like nothing better than to get out of Orlando for a few weeks and wait for things to settle down. Sure, no one is picking up and moving their life due to pollen (although we’ve considered it!), but it is something to consider when choosing where to live.

Taxes, home prices, and other economic factors are probably more important issues for home-buyers. The favorable tax laws in Florida, for example, may be enough to make you brave the pollen storm. However, if all things were equal; you might want to choose the place which won’t cause you to go into debt from buying tissues.

City vs City can help determine your cost of living, no matter what city you’re thinking of moving to. We examine those key economic factors such as income, housing expenses, and major state and local taxes. We compare cities at the zip code level and show you which one comes out ahead.

No, we don’t examine the roaming Kleenex price index, but we will show you which city will make your dollar stretch further.

That’s nothing to sneeze at!