Inception of City Vs City

The City Vs City mobile application was developed by Wahrheit Ventures, a software development company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. As with most inventions, the inception of this powerful cost of living calculator was that moment of realization that no existing technology could perform what we needed. So Wahrheit assembled an international team of designers, developers, and data scientists to develop the mobile application with inspiration from the gaming industry.

The question that couldn’t be answered with existing technology was exactly what all our usual spending would cost in an equivalent neighborhood somewhere else. And a ballpark estimate wasn’t enough. We wanted accuracy for housing (the biggest after-tax expense for most of us) and all forms of taxes because every state has a different mix of income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes.

Again, no other cost of living calculator could perform this complex computation automatically. And they certainly didn’t facilitate enjoyable experiences for users to explore all the possible places to live in the United States. We wanted people to start discovering what the true cost of their lifestyle would be in a different city. With these main objectives in mind, we spent the past year developing and refining the algorithm and the user interface.

We hope you agree that it is already a great tool, but we certainly welcome any feedback or suggestions for additional functionality that you would like to see developed. So please reach out to with any comments you care to share with us. You can also comment on the work at Behance.

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