40% Of Residents Considering Leaving San Francisco

As the Bay Area’s housing, traffic & Cost of Living woes go unaddressed, 40% of residents say they are considering leaving San Francisco. 

A growing number of Bay Area residents, led by millennials, are looking
for less expensive places to live. The region’s housing and traffic crises combined with an astronomical cost of living is taking its toll.

According to the results of the 2017 Bay Area Council Poll, 40 percent of respondents are considering leaving San Francisco or the bay area altogether. Millennials led the way in the results at 46 percent. Overall, residents who said their main expense was housing were more likely to consider relocating.

What’s Driving This?

Housing and rent costs were listed as the most important problem by residents in an open-ended question.  Traffic, other housing problems (like availability), poverty/homelessness and cost of living were next on the list.

Cost of living was most cited (55%) as one of the top three problems. Followed by traffic (41%) and housing (39%). Homelessness (30%) and poverty/income inequality (28%) also figured high on the set list of problems.

“Until we get serious about building the housing we need we’re going to continue seeing our region drained of the young and diverse talent that has helped make the Bay Area an economic powerhouse.” Jim Wunderman, President and CEO of the Bay Area Council. 

Read the entire survey results here, or start seeing how San Franscisco stacks up against other U.S. cities with regard to housing, taxes, and other costs of living by downloading City Vs City today!