$250K Per Year Salary Could Qualify For Subsidized Housing

Residents of Palo Alto are scratching their heads. A new proposal may allow high earning families to now qualify for subsidized housing. This following a trend of California’s increasingly high cost of living. 

High Earners To Qualify for Subsidized Housing

The city council has voted to study a housing proposal that would allow families making up to $250,000 per year to qualify for subsidized housing.

Some of the small two-bedroom, one-bath homes are worth between $1.5 and $2 million . As tear-downs. That’s just what the dirt is worth.

“Prices have just gone through the roof, making it unaffordable for middle-class people, your firefighters, your teachers, and, frankly, some of your doctors,” Palo Alto Vice Mayor Greg Scharff said.

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