How Far Does $1500 Go For Rent In America?

$1,500 may seem like a lot of money. In some areas, it is. In others? Not so much. When it comes to rent in America, how far does $1,500 get you? 

While location, location, location is something we tend to emphasize a lot, the best places often come with compromises that are hard to come to terms with. Chief among those is the financial side of housing.

But price in itself isn’t everything either. After all, renting a space to live in is all about, well, space. And if you’re anything like us, the more stretch you get for your cash, the wider your grin. When it comes to your apartment, size does matter.

Size and Location

So location and size factor in, but then what about cost? $1,500 may seem like a lot of money. For some, it may be far more than they’re willing to spend. Rent in America is definitely subject to your location.

What you can get for $1,500 in Memphis, Tennessee won’t come close to what you get in New York, New York.

Find the interactive infographic here.

To see if some extra space is really worth the move (or if sacrificing some space is worth other benefits), you can now find out if somewhere else can offer you a better standard of living. Just download the City Vs City cost of living calculator to see how your housing costs and all your unique financial circumstances would look in a different U.S. state – including the taxes you’d pay in each one!