The 12 Most Disaster Prone States

With 50 states to choose from, there are obviously pros and cons of each. Typically when deciding where to live, individuals will use City vs City to examine cost of living, taxes, and other related financial concerns.

However, what about safety? Which states are more disaster prone than others? Who’s worse off when it comes to floods, earthquakes, and other disasters? According to FEMA and reported here in Zerohedge: these 12 states have declared a disaster the most:

Most Disaster Prone States:

12. Arkansas (70 disasters declared since 1950)

11. Oregon (73 disasters declared since 1950)

10. Kentucky (74 disasters declared since 1950)

9. Louisiana (75 disasters declared since 1950)

8. Alabama (79 disasters declared since 1950)

7. Colorado (80 disasters declared since 1950)

6. New York (93 disasters declared since 1950)

5. Florida (122 disasters declared since 1950)

4. Washington (132 disasters declared since 1950)

3. Oklahoma (167 disasters declared since 1950)

2. California (250 disasters declared since 1950)

1. Texas (254 disasters declared since 1950)

Really, Texas?

You might think California with its earthquakes, mudslides, and wildfires would rank first on the list of disaster prone states. However, the lone star state narrowly edges out the left coast for most disasters declared over the past 70+ years.

Texas has the unfortunate honor of being situated in an area of the country where most anything can happen; from tornadoes to wildfires, hurricanes and floods. There’s a lot to like about Texas, but being top on this list is not one of those things!

Planning a Move?

You probably shouldn’t base your entire decision on whether or not a state is more likely to be hit by a tornado. However, it is just one data point of many to consider when planning your next move.

City vs City is a powerful cost of living calculator that examines your current home city and stacks it up against your potential new city. It won’t calculate your odds of encountering a mudslide, however it will calculate your potential tax rate, housing expenses, and other cost of living factors that might impact your decision.

City vs City is a powerful tool for the mover in you. It offers you the tools and data you need to make an informed decision on your next move. That alone can help you avoid disaster!